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 If you have been trying to access the website over the last 3 or 4 days, you may have noticed it was offline or returned some error messages — sorry about that. I've been converting and rebuilding our previous website.   You may find some things that don't quite look the same or don't work exactly the same, but hopefully you will find some things have improved.  If you do find something that doesn't work, drop me a email at websitecontact 'at'
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May 2021 Newsletter

Early season safety considerations   Since many of you are out on the water already make sure your boat and what you wear are adequate for the conditions.  You are required to carry, as pertains to your SeaSpray,  a PFD for each person aboard (should be worn), a 15 meter heaving line (best with a float on the end), a flashlight and a sound signaling device (whistle).  Besides the safety equipment, wear suitable splash jackets/pants with perhaps a wetsuit underneath, a hat or toque, and water shoes.  Hypothermia is a real possibility and keep in mind the number 100  if you work with Fahrenheit or 35 if you work with centigrade.  Hypothermia is possible if the water and air temperature combined fall below these  values.  Keep in mind the possibility of falling temperatures and your duration if you end up in the water separated from your boat.  Those numbers don't count if you are in the water, just the water temperature counts. Now is the time to check your hiking straps and perhaps

Spring 2021 - Regattas, Foils, Trailers

REGATTAS Last year's Championships were all cancelled but planning has started for the 2021 season — assuming vaccinations are complete, virus spread is halted, and Public Health Orders are removed. From our US host club for the North American Championship: Hello sailors, Thank you for your response to my poll on our 2021 regatta. Very few of you wanted to skip for a second year and are hoping for a try this year. The EYC Board is assessing the situation on a regular basis and based on the current outlook for the summer, they have decided to slowly work towards an opening up of the EYC grounds towards the summer, subject state mandates. With that, our event schedule is compressed into a few months. The good news is that we have reserved the weekend of: August 7 & 8 for the 2021 edition of the "Live on the Edge" Multihull Regatta! We will monitor the state mandates and will only put the Regatta on if it will be safe for all who want to attend. I will let you know when