More Information: NA Regatta

June 12, 13 and 14   2020

The information below will help you plan if you intend on coming to this event.   Thanks go to the Eugene Yacht Club for their generous offer to camp on their grounds.  This helps to keep costs down and is helpful to the sailing group for convenience, socializing, help, etc. Thanks to Michael Butler for  being the liaison with the Eugene Yacht Club.

I feel this is a very generous offer for the extra day of competition and considering the distance some of us will travel it makes perfect sense.   For those of you who are thinking about coming this is a chance to explore some new areas and sample the scenery and lifestyle of this part of the country.

(from EYC contact):

"The EYC Board unanimously voted to support the Sea Spray Nationals as part of our LotE Multihull Regatta and the Friday prior. Here is the offer from EYC:
- Sailors are welcome from Thursday through Sunday night to camp on the EYC grounds
- participate in Thursday night club racing as practice race, $2 burgers after racing (club function)
Access to and use of club house
Racing: EYC will provide Committee Boat and Rescue boat, with EYC member driver at minimum. I will solicit volunteers from our Multihull Fleet for additional people on these boats.
We have our permanent Olympic Circle as an optional race course, we use that for Thursday night club racing. It allows for windward-leeward courses, triangle courses and combos of those. We can use that for the Friday racing, simplifying the course set up and thus easy to get many races in.
Friday night:
From here on out, you will be part of the LotE. LotE has its usual Friday supper for early arrivals, your group can participate in that. We will run the Sea Spray fleet as a separate start and scoring within LotE and as such they will participate in the overall Pennant and in the Team Trophy. Optional: we can score them as LotE fleet over the two days and then you can award the Nationals based on the three day results, or you can only award the three day event, I leave that up to you to decide.
The upcharge over the normal LotE regatta fee will be $25/boat, to cover Friday's use of EYC assets. With a minimum of 6 boats.

Beware: EYC does not allow any pets on the grounds. Next door we have Richardson Park, part of Lane County Parks which allows pets and where you can camp as well..

The Sea Spray fleet will be responsible for boat rules compliance and for any special awards. If this is workable for you, I can add the Sea Spray Nationals to our normal registration process and include the $25 extra EYC fee.
If you need to add additional fees to cover trophies, etc., we can add that in as well and forward that portion to you. Or you can manage it all separately, that is up to you. If you want to combine with LotE registration and LotE awards, I would like to know asap, as I am about to post the NOR and open the registration. We can communicate on what you further need from the registration process.
I hope you can get your group warmed up to the idea to combine with LotE, we would love to be able to host your Nationals!
Let me know if you have any questions. My cell phone: 541-619-0221
Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,