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A New Way to Look at Sailing Your Seaspray?

A SeaSpray as a fast cruiser? Musings on expanding use of your SeaSpray catamaran by Don Snell. First, your boat trailer could be changed or replaced to accommodate more than your sailboat, because with some thought, bicycles and other equipment like camping equipment might be considered.  The size of the standard Seaspray trailer is likely too small so a bigger trailer with a higher gross vehicle weight axle in the 3500 lb. range with larger tires would work. A 8 x 16 cargo trailer could hold a SeaSpray or number of SeaSprays with the mast(s) attached on the outside of the trailer or vehicle.  Such a big trailer means a lot of other stuff could be brought along as well.   The thought of acquiring a multipurpose trailer to hold a lot more than your Seaspray might be the answer for some of you with space constrictions. In today's tighter world with over 7 billion people, Canadians may find their empty space beginning to fill up in the future.   Getting back to our boat trailers and

Snell Repeats as North American Champ

Don Snell, of the Newell Sailing Club in Brooks, Alberta, defended his North American SeaSpray Championship in Osoyoos at the LOSC Invitational Regatta. L-R: Chris Schuren, LOSC; 1st: Don Snell; 2nd: Rupert Holmes; 3rd: Jay Gardner; 4th: Pam Simonson; 5th: Hamish Ferguson