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And Now For A Bit of Comic Relief

Some seriously funny computer advice to lighten up a depressing, rainy, winter day here. Similar that feeling you got the first time you decided to try a port end start and it worked!

Our Trip to North Americans

Hamish & Frances Ferguson sent along this article and photos describing their trip to the 2016 North American Championships at Huntington Lake, California. Our trip to Huntington Lake, California for the Sea Spray North American Championship 2016 For this journey south we decided to head down to the Columbia River at Umatilla and drive on the southern shore on I-84. As the wind is usually blowing up river we passed huge numbers of wind turbines on the hills on both sides of the river. [caption id="attachment_554" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Wind farm along I-84[/caption] At Biggs we turned south on US-97. The road rises quickly to about 5000ft so the air is cooler and the scenery is interesting. We visited Lavalands Park and then drove up to Crater Lake where the road gets to about 7000 ft. altitude. The lake itself is stunning and the interpretative centre is well worth a visit. [caption id="attachment_556" align="alignnone" w

Championships 2017

If you are not enjoying some beach time or snow skiing this winter you can mark down some important upcoming SeaSpray Event dates: 2017 SeaSpray Canadian Nationals July 7, 8, 9th at Newell Sailing Club, Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada Located 14km south of Brooks, Alberta 2017 SeaSpray North Americans September 8. 9th and 10th at Osoyoos Sailing Club, Osoyoos, BC Canada

Speed Racer

With another 20 cm overnight with more on the way, doesn't sailing in Bermuda sound like a good idea?