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Looks Like Lk Newell Storm

For any of our sailors who haven't experienced one of the vaunted Lake Newell Prairie Wind Regatta sudden storms, this video give you a taste.

More Foiling Frenzy

I never saw this coming. Think windsurfing, Don. A quick YouTube search and voilÄ

Helpful Hint: Block Spring Installations

Too bad I hadn't seen this video when I was installing my main sheet block. I like the idea of the boot instead of spring in order to keep potential catch point for smaller lines.


It seems that since the last America's Cup boats used foiling to up the ante and speed, there seems to be a movement to try it on just about any current design. Move over Moth class, you aren't the only ones trying to get it right. Starting with the least likely candidate..   Or how about in a Laser 1? Or a single handed cat?