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2019 Nationals

REGATTA RESULTS Click here for full results of Prairie Wind Regatta The 2019 SeaSpray Nationals held at Lake Newell and hosted by the Newell Sailing Club went smoothly enough with fairly consistent light winds that enabled seven races.  It was a large regatta with light winds and close to 80 boats across several classes. [caption id="attachment_885" align="alignnone" width="4032"] L to R, Richard Braul 3rd, Hamish Ferguson 2nd and Don Snell 1st.[/caption] A fleet of 10 SeaSprays competed with the exception that one of the SeaSprays was really a Sol Cat.  Seven were from NSC, one from St. Mary's Sailing Club and one from Calgary.  In the photo from left to right, Richard Braul 3rd, Hamish Ferguson 2nd and Don Snell 1st.  The race results are posted in the attachment. TRAMP WOES On another topic, we found during this event that some of the competitors boats had trampoline problems, namely their tramps were pulling out from the extrusion.  I took the tim

Countdown to Nationals

The membership at the Newell Sailing Club is busy preparing for their annual Prairie Wind Regatta and for the 2019 Sea Spray Nationals — July 13 -14. Please be sure to check their website NEWELL SAILING CLUB WEBSITE regarding NOR, Camping, and launch requirements RE: zebra mussel program.