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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Snell Wins North Americans Congratulations to Don Snell for winning the 2019 North American Sea Spray Championship.  Congratulations also go to Richard Braul for second place and Rupert Holmes-Smith for third place finish.  There were 11 Sea Sprays competing but unfortunately no American competitors were present.  The races were hosted by the Osoyoos Sailing Club with good winds on Saturday and Sunday allowed for 10 races overall.  Friday being the sit on the beach day with only one race on that day.  It should be noted that Chris Scheuren a non-competitor won the Turkey award for attempting a long distance trip with a motor boat without a very necessary gas tank.  Outboard motors can run without a gas tank albeit for only five minutes.  Good thing they had oars in the boat!  There were a few capsizes but no rescues.   John Cormack was able to attend as race officer.  The usual format of running races from the fore deck on land was changed and the races were run from a MacGregor 26 rac

UPDATED - It's A Wrap

FULL RESULTS CLICK HERE The 2019 SeaSpray North American Championships marks the end of the racing season for the class and while I haven't received the full results, I can announce that Don Snell has regained the NA Championship. Friday saw the usual dying wind conditions which meant only one race was completed and Saturday, once the direction stabilized, saw near perfect winds for SeaSpray racing and some very exciting racing. As soon as the full results are available, I will post them on this website. In the meantime, here are a few photos from Friday & Saturday. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS