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Jan 2021 Newsletter

At this time it’s difficult to predict how the 2021 season will play out.    Please consider joining or rejoining the Canadian Seaspray Association for 2021. At this time there are no plans for organized SeaSpray Assn. regattas for 2021, but I will advise if things change.  With no SeaSpray Assn. regattas in 2020, there was no opportunity for our AGM to take place in 2020. Our season here on Lake Newell this past summer was pretty good.  Formal regattas were cancelled everywhere but there were a fair number of non-organized sailing club activities that played out well. We aren't participating in a team sport so it's a relatively safe activity to do during these times. Get Well Soon Tom! Here’s wishing Tom Alexander a full return to good health.  Tom (photo below) who lives on Vancouver Island was a regular attendee at the Osoyoos regattas until a few years ago.  Boat Talk - Paint Tremclad high gloss oil based paint applied with a foam roller, followed by a foam brush to level

Flying and Sinking Sailboat - AC Racing

I hope that you have been tracking the goings on down under as the America's Cup boats are underway. The Challenger series has begun with some amazing, high speed racing taking place. As they say, "Everything is going well, until it isn't."