Jan 2020 Newsletter

2020 SeaSpray North Americans

Some recent email discussion has the following proposed and most likely site for the 2020 SeaSpray North Americans.  There is a chance that they would give us a Friday start as well so possibly plan to get to the Eugene Yacht Club, Oregon area by Thursday.  Camping on the lawn area is also possible and Eugene is a short distance away for those that would prefer to stay in a hotel/motel.

LIVE ON THE EDGE MULTIHULL Regatta • June 13-14, 2020

Eugene Yacht Club is located on seven acres on the shore Fern of Ridge Reservoir just twelve miles west of Eugene, Oregon.

The most northern of the MHRA events. You can camp on the lawn (I believe) and they feed you etc and do a very good job (I am told). So it would be convenient, and not too far from Canada? Pretty sure we could get our own start. The early date is the issue, so that is why I am bringing it up now, before asking them. The weather can still be unsettled – a chance of rain in June.  Check the links below for more information.





I just sent a request to Larry Cox at Eugene YC for a fleet start, and to see if they will give us starts on Friday.  Michael Butler

This is closer for many of us to drive and the venue location offers a number of interesting areas to explore before and after the event.  A trial balloon of this event was sent to the attendees of the 2018 North American event and at this time six have indicated they would plan to attend this event.  Unless there is some major objection in the next few days over this time and location for the North Americans, plan to make this your destination for the 2020 SeaSpray North Americans.

Check the Eugene Yacht Club's website for upcoming information on this event as well as any pre-registration requirements.  Often times pre-registering will save some money.

The SeaSpray Canadian Nationals will take place at the Osoyoos Sailing Club on the second full weekend of September including the Friday.  More info to follow on this event as well as pre registrations, etc.  Plan to pre-book your accommodations.

Trailer Storage Box

This fall I had some time to modify one of the two SeaSpray trailers I have.  After making do with small storage boxes on these trailers I thought about buying a larger cargo trailer.  The price and dealing with a third trailer gave me the big idea to modify one of the trailers I have.  It still needs some work a.k.a. getting the boat up and down on the rack as well as organizing the interior.  The box is 4' wide, 5' tall and 10' long so plenty of room inside.  It is now possible to bring more things along like bicycles, camping gear, windsurf equipment.  Weight is an issue as the axle is good for 2000lbs so not a lot of extra capacity, maybe up to 500 lbs. not including the boat.  I estimate the box added 350 to 400 lbs.  Putting insurance on everything might be a good idea.


I would welcome your articles on anything relating to your boat, travel to and from events or other related activities or boat projects.

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