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Fall Newsletter Update

If anyone is interested in getting a good race ready SeaSpray for free the following email may interest you.  Unfortunately we Canadians cannot travel to the US at this time but maybe a vaccine is just around the corner.  If any Americans are in the area where Gary lives this is a great opportunity to acquire a good boat.  Bring a trailer and a way to piggyback the second boat.  Thanks Gary for your generous offer! Have two Sea Sprays for free. One took second in a North Americans in California a dozen or more years ago.  Very race rigged with great sails. Would have taken first but the sailor weighed about 225 and first place guy weighed 150 ok light air (#411). I traded him my Nacra 5.2 for it. Also have a parts boat.  Two boats will fit on one trailer, I suppose.  I live in Vista, San Diego County, California .  Sent from Gary Rempel ( Here is another item you may be interested in buying from Grant Henderson.. Grant Henderson has a set of SeaSpray sails for sale