Fall Newsletter Update

If anyone is interested in getting a good race ready SeaSpray for free the following email may interest you.  Unfortunately we Canadians cannot travel to the US at this time but maybe a vaccine is just around the corner.  If any Americans are in the area where Gary lives this is a great opportunity to acquire a good boat.  Bring a trailer and a way to piggyback the second boat.  Thanks Gary for your generous offer!

Have two Sea Sprays for free. One took second in a North Americans in California a dozen or more years ago.  Very race rigged with great sails. Would have taken first but the sailor weighed about 225 and first place guy weighed 150 ok light air (#411). I traded him my Nacra 5.2 for it. Also have a parts boat.  Two boats will fit on one trailer, I suppose.  I live in Vista, San Diego County, California . 
Sent from Gary Rempel (garyrempel@gmail.com)

Here is another item you may be interested in buying from Grant Henderson..
Grant Henderson has a set of SeaSpray sails for sale.  They are in very good condition, clear (see through I think).  He is located in Rosetown, Saskatchewan.Contact 306-831-9663  email  gwh1949@hotmail.com


It has been a tough year for sailboat racing.  Most events were cancelled or at the very least modified to conform to the health rules.  The single handed sailboat is a great way to socially distance so we had a couple of SeaSpray weekends at Newell Sailing Club located on Lake Newell.  We have a diverse group sailing this boat at our club so here was a chance to get together and discuss safe sailing, what to bring along, what to wear, sail setting and adjustments, some race tactics, and proper boat setups.  There were practice races and repairs done to boats.  I think it was well received and very helpful.  We had 7 boats for each weekend so considering our club has around 13 SeaSpray owners the numbers were pretty good.  Thanks to Hamish Ferguson for picture presentation on sail shape and helpful boat modification work (bridle rebuild and parts supplied) 

Lk Newell SC SeaSprays racing clinic


The other important thing was to check out a new set of "Leitch and McBride" new sails from Victoria, BC, to see how they would work against our North sails.  North has not been able, due to pattern loss, to supply us with sails.   After a couple of days of sailing, the new set is comparable, and in some ways, better than the North sails.  They are a bit different in that there are five mainsail battens.  The foot sections do not match exactly the North foot (this could be done exactly as the North but may need a good description/pictures along with an order).  If anyone is interested in getting a set, contact Leitch and McBride about ordering.  The set in the pictures are a sock style mainsail.  I do not think the halyard style would be any problem.  If you do order for racing purposes with laminate material protection, ask for a long bag so that rolled sails will fit in the bag properly, also ask for battens to be sewn in (except for the top batten).  My current North set is starting to show their age with some 'motorboating' along the lower leech of the jib and some softness of the material near the clew area of the mainsail.  I have gotten good value from North brand sails and they are still competitive and will last a long time yet.  My first set of North sails which I sold years ago are 17 years old now and are still competitive, so buying a laminate construction sail, not letting them flog in the wind and rolling them will get you very long service. 

New Leitch & McBride sails on SeaSpray closest to camera


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