Spring 2022 Newsletter

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After another mostly covid winter I hope you are looking forward to the upcoming season.  Our lake ice left a couple weeks ago and now is the time to think about the upcoming year.  First off, remember to use the link on the Canadian Seaspray website to register as a member of the Seaspray Association.  It's easy, quick and free, so do it today.

If you are planning on attending the Newell Sailing Club's Prairie Wind Regatta July 9, 10 this year and you would like a camping spot at Kinbrook Island Provincial Park here is some information to help with that....
 a total of 19 Sites have been placed on hold effective the night of Friday, July 8th, with checkout on the morning of Sunday, July 10th, 2022.

The site numbers held are I-137, I139, I-141, I-143, I-145, I-147, I-149, I-151, I-152, I-155, I-156, I-157, I-159, I-165, I-167, G-102, G-103, G-104, G-105

These sites need to be booked and paid for by your registrants prior to Friday, June 24th  (two weeks prior to the event).  

Please have your participants call the Reserve.AlbertaParks  contact centre at 1-877-537-2757 – they will need to provide the dates of the hold and the name of the group that the hold is under (John Cormack /Newell Sailing Club).  Reservations will be open for those dates as of  April 9th, 2022  at 9am – so you (or individual registrants) can call that number and provide them with the above information and payment to complete the process.  I recommend waiting until the following day (or later) to complete reservations as the morning of the 9th will be extremely busy and difficult to get through to a representative.

Please ensure that your group is aware of (and will adhere to) the Check-in time of 4:00pm Saturday and the checkout time Sunday of 2:00pm.


I haven't been able to confirm this yet but a rumoured Osoyoos Sailing Club regatta Sept 9, 10 and 11th is a real possibility.  At this time pencil that in on your calendar and I will confirm this event as soon as I find out for sure.

If there are other regatta possibilities please let us know where, when etc.


There are also of course the Alberta Sailing Association regattas that are already scheduled for this season.  Check their website for info.  

Here is a link to a developing website for sailors of all types of catamarans in Alberta.



A continually awkward setup of my clew outhaul had me thinking there is a better way.  I haven't incorporated Stan Storwick's neat gizmo for attaching the clew to the jib but I know some of you have used it with success.  I did find something on the web about a clew hook made by Harken.  I bought one and will try it out this season.  While checking how to install it I came across a really good Steve Cockerill YouTube video.  Steve is a laser sailor of fame and his video subject while not completely applicable to the Seaspray has some very good setup information.  Here is the link   


A couple of good points on this video is the shock cord setup  and the useful knots Steve uses.   I am not sure the laser clew strap would work on a Seaspray but the Harken hook has some non-stretch cord that does the same thing.  If you are already using a harken micro block as part of your outhaul the block can fit on the hook if you got the hook without the pulley.

Although the laser is a lot different than the Seaspray, many of us have incorporated similar systems.  

What to wear while sailing is important.  This link of an interview with Steve Cockerill may help...  

This video about gliding through your tacks may help with rudder technique.