COSA (Kelowna, BC)  Springtime Regatta May 20, 21 2023  Over the years Seasprays have attended this event and I believe at least one of you are making plans to attend this year so if there are others in the area consider attending as well.  NOR is posted on their website.

Newell Sailing Club (accommodation Island Provincial Park, Alberta)  July 7, 8 and 9th 2023  Seaspray Canadian Nationals.  Plan your accommodation through Alberta Parks booking system in a few days.

Osoyoos Sailing Club (Osoyoos, BC) Tentatively Sept 8. 9 & 10th 2023.  No confirmed info on their website yet.  Make plans soon if you are interested in attending.

There are also lots of other regional regattas in your area if you do a little searching. 

Is sailing as well as all wind-drive sports on the verge of a boom?

You would certainly think so with all the climate change narrative.  At this time I don't see it but with governments around the world changing policy it would appear that the future has loads of potential.  Like massive changes to the electrical grid for one, a monumental change in the manufacture and distribution of wind-drive sports products would be necessary to bring about a sailing boom.   Water access is also a necessary ingredient missing in many locations.   
Bottlenecks exist and the gradual disappearance of accessible shoreline continues due to shoreline development for accommodation.  Checking Osoyoos Sailing Club's article on their upcoming lease renewal would have you concerned for their future.  To me it is obvious that their shoreline should be extended (if they wanted it) and guaranteed far into the future. 
Always remember that once these access places are gone they will be extremely hard to reproduce.  Remember to get involved in your local recreation venues if you want them to continue to exist and bring your voice to political forums to protect our water access into the future.


Your boat might look good on the outside but lingering on the inside might be a mess like this.  

Waterlogged foam is not a good thing.  The additional weight could make your boat impossible to right from a turtle capsize putting you at risk.
This is the single best thing you can do to an old boat.  
Boats with the 1" wide daggerboard slot will likely have this foam inside.  The 3/4" wide daggerboard slot boats most likely don't have the foam inside. Looking through the drain plug hole or deck access covers will help to confirm if there is foam inside.  
If you are buying a used boat be careful not to pay too much for a boat with the foam inside.  Possibly the freeze-thaw cycle has started to damage the hull (easily repairable) as well. 
Research the articles on the website on how to remove it (it's easy but messy).  You can do it in stages.  
Don't forget to replace it with some other type of floatation such as inflated, collapsible, plastic camping water containers - light and provide good emergency  buoyancy should the hulls take on water for some reason.


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