Don Snell's success as Canadian National Champion has reached 9 titles, one title short of 10 time winner Dave West (results since 1969 only)

Seven Seaspray sailors attended the Canadian Nationals.  It was a light wind regatta with 8 races total.  The best winds happened on Sunday, the final day.   The post covid regatta was a treat and enjoyed by all.  Altogether 58 boats competed in the Prairie Wind.

Regatta and besides being the Seaspray Canadian Nationals this was also the Fireball Canadian Nationals with around 10 Fireballs.  

The next event will be the Catamaran Clinic to be held at Newell Sailing Club July 28, 29 and 30th.  Plan to attend if you can.  This event is open to all types of catamarans.

We still haven't decided on a September event on the weekend following the Labour Day long weekend.  

In addition to your boat, your trailer and launching dolly also need attention.  Your launching dolly could work better if it floated.  Most of you who use a dolly have added flotation to help with use of the dolly.  
For you to be able to travel easily with your boat, think about how to design a trailer with storage and ease of loading and unloading your boat.  Your trailer is possibly the one major thing that prevents you from traveling with your boat.  
In the future I hope to provide some pictures of Seaspray trailers that make it a lot easier.  If you have an example please send pictures back to this email address.

Have a great rest of your summer!