SUMMER UPDATE - Canadian Nationals and more

Nationals @ Prairie Wind Regatta July 7,8,9

 Our 3 day Canadian Nationals Regatta will be hosted by Newell Sailing Club.   Online registration CLICK HERE.  Please register as soon as possible in order as it will help with planning, meals, etc.  Also read the NOR if you plan to attend.

Catamaran Clinic at Newell Sailing Club July 28, 29, 30th
  Keep checking their website for registration info. 

Fall Regatta Idea
Possible late summer event, Sept 8, 9th 10th  Since OSC cancelled their Sept regatta for this year some ideas have been floating around.  Here's another one....  perhaps we agree to go to a lake such as Little Bow Provincial Park for an example.  Instead of a regatta just come and sail that lake.  Just a thought.  Booking a campsite might not be a problem at that time of year.

Leitch and McBride produced a halyard set of laminate sails over the winter/spring for me and they look pretty good.  They have a different way of loading battens and the top batten tension can be adjusted easily.  Whether this system remains effective over time is the question but judging by the grip of the velcro inside the pocket I think it will work just fine for a long time.  The only minor thing is the number 7 on the sail number 71 is not much different than the number one.  I can get some white vinyl tape to make it appear more like a seven so not a big deal.
If you want them to make you a set of halyard or sock they now have the class rules and experience building both types.  Reasonably priced too.  Just be patient.

Use the stick to push the strip over the batten and into the batten pocket.  Tension can be adjusted by pushing in a little farther if needed and the white string can be pulled so that tension will be reduced.   The white string will protrude out the end of the batten pocket so that the strip can be pulled back out and the batten removed.